7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Tone down on these seven foods to maintain healthier teeth and gums.


Sticky Foods Are Your Mouth’s Worst Enemy


We know you love your chewy foods, but caramel and ESPECIALLY dried fruits attach themselves to the teeth for a long time. When chewy foods stick, it gives bacteria a leeway to feed on the sugar and attack the protective layer of your tooth.

Swap Out The Soda For H2O


Tooth erosion and cavities are a common result of drinking sugary carbonated beverages. Shockingly enough, so does diet soda! If regularly consumed, the citric acid can erode the enamel. What’s more, fizzy citrus drinks have been shown to cause twice as more damage than regular soda due to a higher acidity.

Ice: Chill It, Don’t Chew It.


You’d be shocked to know the number of people who believe chewing on ice is good for their teeth. Besides, it has no calories or sugar! Wrong. Chewing on ice leaves your teeth vulnerable to damage and chipping.

Tone Down On The Sugar


Sugar causes your mouth to become more acidic, which gradually wears and tears at your tooth’s enamel. Excessive amounts of chocolate and sticky snacks will weaken the enamel and create a leeway for cavity. If you gotta satisfy your sweet tooth, reach for dark chocolate instead – it’s lower in sugar and high in antioxidants!

Watch Your Acidic Intake


Some of us have a bad habit of sucking on a lime or putting too much vinegar in our salads. The acid in these foods wears away at the enamel of your teeth and stains them. The high acidity in citrus and vinegar come from the high pH levels and poses a significant danger to your teeth. Go for fewer acidic snacks such as broccoli, mangos, or celery.

Wine & Dine Moderately


We all love a glass of wine to unwind from a long day. However, red and white wines contain erosive acid, which softens the enamel and attacks the calcium on your teeth. According to research, rich red wine like a Rioja or a Pinot Noir is the most gentle on your teeth.

FYI: If you can’t go without your glass of wine, drink it with a meal and wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth.

Crazy For Caffeine?


A good cup of coffee or tea is not necessarily the problem, but most people can’t resist adding sweetener. In case you weren’t aware: the darker the drink, the darker the stain. Surprisingly, even black tea has the potential to stain your teeth because of its high tannin content.